I am a fifth year physics graduate student in Francis Starr’s lab, Wesleyan University. I use theoretical, computational methods and modeling as my main tools to study different problems in nano science and soft matter, mainly DNA nanotechnology, polymer physics and glass transition. Currently my research is focused on  DNA functionalized  nanoparticles self-dnanp2assembly that is being done in a collaboration with Oleg Gang’s group (Columbia University ) and the dynamic heterogeneity of star polymers near glass transition temperature in collaboration with Jack Douglas’s group (NIST).

In my previous research, before I joined Star Lab at Wesleyan. I was an experimental researcher and my main focus was on graphene, specifically graphene oxide (GONR) and graphene nonoribbons (GNR). I used chemical methods to synthesize and characterize GNORs from carbon nanotubes (CNT). You can learn more about these projects and publications in the Research section.

Expected graduation date (Dec 2017)